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Mount Kailash & Mansarovar with Toling and Zenda tour 2018 (Guge Valley)

Mount Kailash (6714m), which is considered to be the sacred abode of the gods and goddesses and the exact center of the entire universe, is the holiest mountain of all. The mountain is also famous for its unique four-faced shape like that of a handle of a millstone. The cleft on its southern side intersected by a series of rocks forms a sacred Buddhist symbol 'Swastika'.

Mount Kailash is referred to as Kang Rinpoche (literally meaning 'a sparkling mass of snow') by the Tibetan locals. Believers relate this mountain to Mt. Meru of Hindu mythology. In ancient Hindu scriptures, Mount Meru has been described as a mountain, lying in the Himalayan range, with its four faces made of four different jewels (gold, crystal, ruby and lapis lazuli), where gods resided and from where four great rivers originated. Confirming its relation to Mt. Meru, Kailash is a mother to four great holy rivers, namely Karnali, Indus, Sutlej and Brahmaputra. Kailash Parbat is considered divine by the devotees of four different religions-Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Bonpo, with a belief that the gods or founders of these religions had once meditated or resided in the holy mountain, thus the devout followers of all.

Holy Mansarovar Lake (Manas)
15 miles below the holy mount Kailash Parbat lies the most sacred Lake of Hindus-Mansarovar. Mansarovar, literally meaning 'the consciousness of mind', is situated at an elevation of 4580 meters. Mansarovar Lake is so large that it takes at least three days to just go round its peripheries.

Mansarovar also holds an important religious space among the followers of Buddhism other than the Hindus. One dip into the cold water of this holy Lake is believed, by Hindus, to relinquish the soul of all its sins thus carving a straight path to heaven after death. Ancient Hindu scriptures indicate this Lake as a must-visit place for those who want to attain salvation – the highest level of spiritual achievement in Hinduism. Many others also come to take a bath in the Lake with a belief that it will keep them youthful and strong forever. These religions flock to the mountain to pay homage to the gods residing on its top.

Zenda- Tolling
Tolling is the name of town & Zenda is the name of county in this is same place; it is situated north of Darchen. Tolling is the biggest town in Zenda county area; Gage kingdom ruin is 15 Kilometer far from Tolling town. Tolling is it is a beautiful ancient city which is situated in Tibet. This city was built and developed by harmonizing ancient civilization and Buddhist culture as a pure pilgrimage site. It is located 220 km away on the way to Tirthpuri from Darchen. Visitor / traveler can see different varieties of plants and trees in and around Zenda country because its elevation is 3600 meter from the see level. Travelers feel hot during a day here because they must cross 5000m elevation within a day.

According to local people, Tolling is one of the ancient religious pilgrimage sites in Tibet. It is also believed that very old human civilization is rooted in this area. Locals argue that there was a huge war in this area that dispersed the people in various regions. Tolling has two interesting monasteries one is 2-3 km away from the city and the other one is located inside the city. The people here believe that Tolling monastery is the oldest one in the city which reflects ancient arts and scripture of Buddha. However, every tourist who visits this monastery feels that the art and the scripture has not well preserved. Due to beauty of Zenda country, many foreign tourists enjoy it while traveling to Mount Kailash and Mansarovar including Tolling – Zenda country in Tibet.

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