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Full moon Night in Manasarovar Lake on 30 May 2018(Purnima)

Ngari Gunsa Airport (4274) is the fourth highest Airport in the world. It has been serving both general public as well as military since 2010. This Ali Airport is situated in the town of Shiquanhe (Ali) in Ngari Prefecture situated in the southwest of China's autonomous region of Tibet. The flying distance between Lasha and Ali Airport is just 2 hours. And, from Lasha, the sacred Lake Mansarovar is only 200 km far. Mount Kailash is also nearby Mansarovar Lake. Kailash region is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bonpos. We can continuously fly to Lasha from Ali Airport and vice versa via China Airlines.

Mount Kailash Manasarovar: The altitude of the mysterious holy peak, Mount Kailash is 6714m above sea level. It is worshiped as a protector of entire universe. Hindus regard this bulky peak as the sacred home of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

As Tibet is a land of sacred Kailash Parvat and Lake Mansarovar, it has become a famous pilgrimage destination. Especially, pilgrims from India come to venture this site following the route of Nepal. The four great rivers of Asia namely, The Brahmaputra, The Ganges, The Indus and The Sutlej also have their origin at this bulky peak.

Hindu people perform religious circumambulation of 53 km called Kailash Kora to get rid of all known or unknown sins ever committed in life. Similarly, Buddhist regard Kailash Parvat as the meditating spot of Lord Shakyamuni and Jains believe that their first Saint obtain Liberation meditating at Kailash region.

The Buddhist symbol “Swastika” in the southern side of Mount Kailash has expanded its holiness among us. Only a single glance of this mysterious peak is believed to bring peace and happiness in our life. Therefore, huge number of devotees belonging to The Hinduism, The Buddhism, The Jainism and The Bonpos come to visit this sacred site with the aim of getting rid of all known and unknown sins ever committed in life.
This holy Yatra starts from Kathmandu to Lhasa flight. Then from Lasha, we will drive to reach Mansarovar Lake. After our Kora terminates, we will spend one night at Darchen. Next day, we will drive to Ali Airport and fly back to Lasha and stay in a hotel for one night. Again, next morning we will fly back to Kathmandu.

Important Highlights

  • Me of total 53 km Kailash Parikrama / Kora/round, 38 km must be walk/trek from Yamdwar to Chongdo. There is no any car/bus and jeep service available. So, everybody should walk or ride horse. It is also possible to hire pony and local porter for 3 days.
  • Your passport must have at least 6 months or more validation from travel date.
  • Though popular as Shiva’s abode, we cannot see any temple of Lord Shiva but at Khojarnath there is the temple of Lord Ram, Sita & Laxman in Khojarnath. You can see Rashes Lake one the way from to going Darchen.
  • We provide Pressure checking machine, Oxygen level checking machine, enough oxygen bottle, Mask-regulator & Medicine Dimox (Latitude medicine) for safe journey.
  • Visit World’s famous monasteries and Potala palace in Tibet
  • Visit historical cities of Tibet like Lhasa, Shigatse, and Saga
  • Driving Lhasa to Darchen is well and fine black road, same way back to Lhasa
  • Crossing highest pass Dolma La /Dorma La 3636m. While Kailash Parikram/Rounding 
  • Exploring of Manasarovar lake and surrounding 102km by blue bus

Kailash TourItinerary

24 May 2018 Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel
25 May 2018 Day 02: Rudra-Abhisek-sightseeing, Brief Kailash
26 May 2018 Day 03: Fly to Gonggar airport and drive to Lhasa
27 May 2018 Day 04: Sight-seeing Potala palace and Bharkhor
28 May 2018 Day 05: Drive Lhasa to Shigatse city 3782m-hotel
29 May 2018 Day 06: Drive Shigatseto Saga 4640meter- hotel
30 May 2018 Day 07: Drive- Manasarovar Lake full moon night
31 May 2018 Day 08: Morning Pooja & lunch drive to Darchen
01 June 2018 Day 09: Drive to Yamdwar and start walk Dirapuk
02 June 2018 Day 10: Trek to Dolma La 5636m.and Zuthul Puk
03 June 2018 Day 11: Trek to Chongdo & drive to Darchen hotel
04 June 2018 Day 12: Drive to Ali airport, fly-Lhasa, transfer hotel
05 June 2018 Day 13: Drive to Lhasa airport & fly back to KTM
06 June 2018 Day 14: Transfer to Kathmandu airport - departure

Group Joining Basis / Privet tour

NRIs / tourist: 5 Star Deluxe room Radisson (International standard) hotel in Kathmandu
Package A: American citizen per person USD 3900 + Visa fee USD 175 - Total USD 4075
Package B: Canadian citizen per person USD 3900 + Visa fee USD 155 - Total USD 4055
Kailash TourPackage C: Other citizen per person USD 3900 + Visa fee USD 85 - Total USD 3985

Indian Passport holder Minimum 17 Person or more (age limit maximum 70 old)
Per Person INR 2, 55,000 (Indian currency)

Cost Includes

  • Arrival at Kathmandu & departure transportation from airport
  • Evening Arati Darshan, Next day Rudra Abishek, Hawan  in                                                            
    Pasupatinath Temple, half day sights, Jal Narayan, Boudha
  • 3 night  hotel stay at Kathmandu twin sharing basis all meal
  • All hotel / guesthouse during Kailash Manasarovar tour route
  • Pure vegetarian (breakfast, lunch, dinner) providing in Nepali
    restaurant in Lhasa and fresh meal from Manas-Kailash Kora                                                     
    prepare by Nepali cooks every day breakfast, lunch, dinner 
  • English speaking Tibetan guide and team leader from Nepal
  • Kathmandu – Lhasa and Ali–Lhasa –Kathmandu flight ticket
  • Sightseeing Lhasa city including Potala place of Dalai Lama 
  • Ali,  holy Manasarovar Lake, Darchen, Yamdwar, Ali by bus
  • We have oxygen cylinder, mask- regulator emergency use
  • Kailash TourWe provide basic first-aid - kit box altitude sickness Diamox
  • We provide duffel bag, day bag and complete tour certificate
  • Kailash travel permit and Tibet visa for Mount Kailash tour
  • Rudra avishek hawan with 11Braman Poojari -Pasupatinath
  • Special Darshan in Pasupatinath after Rudra abhisek/hawan
  • 1 Nepali Pandit in Mansasarovar  Lake to do pooja every day

Cost Excludes

  • Extra night hotel cost in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • All beverages in Kathmandu & Kailash  tour
  • Travel Insurance for all Kailash tourists/yatri 
  • Expenses Emergency evacuation helicopter
  • Horse riding cost for Kailash Kora / Parikrama
  • Addition cost caused any political disturbance.
  • Any additional cost due to natural calamities
    unforeseen situation Kailash Manasarovar tour
  • Kailash Tibet or extra stay cost in Kathmandu

Packing list for Kailash Manasarovar Tour

  • Kailash TourBack pack for 3 days Kailash Parikrama/Kora
  • Enough warm clothing for Kailash Yatra /tour
  • Basic medicines (minor injuries or life saving kits)
  • Regular medicines that you have been prescribe
  • Toiletries kit (Shop, Shampoo, Toothpaste brush)
  • Water bottle / Thermos flask, hot water (2 litters)
  • Sport shoes good for walk, gloves, torch light
  • Woolen socks (minimum 4 pairs), Sunglasses
  • Thermo cot undergarment, sun lotion, cold cream
  • (Shirt, pants which is easier to be while do Kora)
  • Rain coat or Umbrella, walking stick for 3 days 
  • Sweets, Zinger/garlic candies, dry fruits and etc


  • Kindly consult your doctor and get yourself examined for Spiritual Kailash Manasarovar tour
  • As Holy mount Kailash & Lake Manasarovar is situated at high altitudes please start exercises like walking, jogging, yoga meditation and other breathing exercises in order to have a make successful holy tour


  • Kindly get yourself a Travel medical insurance for this Kailash Manasarovar tour. Please make sure you cover yourself for emergency evacuation (helicopter), road transportation and hotel accommodation in the insurance.
  • Every Yatri have Life, Medical, Rescue Jeep or Helicopter insurance before getting enrolled in Kailash Tour. Do insurance at home country.


Oxygen is less at higher altitudes. The inclement weather and high altitude induces certain illness generally not encountered over the plains. Headache, nausea, lassitude, lethargy, breathlessness, general uneasiness [malaise], high irritability, light loss of balance, disorientation, incoherence and insomnia are a few. It is common to all irrespective of the age, sex and physical fitness. Gradual acclimatization is the best answer. Tranquilizers, sleeping dose and strong anti-biotic must be avoided. Some of symptoms indicate that the body mechanism is readjusting to new environments. The best idea is deliberately slow down all the activities and follows the following rules:
Kailash Tour
1. Relax-do not exert, be excited, make rest
2. Reduce talking each other
3. Walk slowly – adopt one third of your speed and space.
4. Keep your load light.
5. Walk for 30 minutes and rest for 5 minutes
6. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, just stop; rest and relax.
7. Ignore the sudden outbursts of fellow pilgrims and avoid arguments.
8. Observe silence with smile.
9. Never go too high and too fast.
10. Consume plenty of liquids; never proceed with an empty stomach.
11. Chant a prayer or visualize everything around to suit your pleasant thoughts or put on the earphones and listen to your favorite music, Bhajans, chanting etc.
12. Be careful not to catch a cold. It is better to be over clothed than under protected. En-route avoids taking bath or drinking water from Lake Streams or rivers, as your system is not conditioned for this.
13. Protect yourself against dust and direct sunshine during the long stretches of driving. Face, feet and hands must be well protected.
14. The uneven ground, steep slope and slushy banks are full of potholes. Do not combine walking and sightseeing together.
15. Always listen to your guide or the one with experience. Never leave the group.
16. On this trip, over exertion is to be avoided and drinking plenty of fluids is recommendable. During winter

Cancellation Policy

  • 50% cancellation charges of the rate package cost incase cancellation is received between 7 – 15 days of departure.
  • No refund in case cancellation is done after your Kailash permit and Tibet visa.
  • A client on his/her own will make no refund or adjustment in the event of interruption of journey after commencement of the tour.
  • Any changes in given itinerary requested by the client will be on chargeable basis.
  • Extra accommodation in Kathmandu over 2 nights for Helicopter and 3 nights for via Lhasa as per itinerary due to early arrival from home or Kailash, rescue charges, medical bills are bill direct to Yatris.
  • If the trip is disturbed in case of Visa/ permit problem create from Tibet, or any other reason, which is not in our hand, it is client’s own risk and clients pay all the expenses. 
  • During the Kailash Manasarovar tour, if any Yatri in case of sick or will cancel trip not doing complete tour, the package cost is 100% not refunded. 

Important Notice for Indian passport holder

  • Kailash TourIndian passport holder can get visa only from Chinese embassy in New Delhi.
  • Original passport should be sent to New Delhi office, 5 days before departure.
  • If Indian passport holder resident out of Indian, Should be present 5 days before in New Delhi, India
  • You can travel to Kathmandu from India with your Voter I.D. You will get your passport just a day before Kailash Tour.
  • If Chinese Embassy delays for giving Tibet visa, the cost of days exceeding original itinerary should bear by travelers.

Hotel Name Nepal and Tibet Kailash

  • Kathmandu: Hotel Radisson/ Gokarna Resort or similar
  • Lhasa Tibet: 5 Star Lhasa hotel / Hotel Reggi (Full Meals)
  • Hotel Gesar: 4 star in Shigatse (Full Meals)
  • Hotel Bramaputra/Similar: 4 star in Saga (Full Meals)
  • Manasarovar Lake: Guest house or mud houses
  • Darchen: 4 star Himalayan Kailash Hotel – Wifi (Western style) room
  • Dirapuk: Normal guesthouse: Shishapangma Guesthouse (Parikrama first day)
  • Zuthulpuk: Normal guesthouse (very basic) (Parikrama second day)

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