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Sagadawa Festival Tour

Saga Dawa, according to the doctrine of Buddhism is the one and only important religious festival which is enthusiastically celebrated on the full moon day of the Tibetan Lunar Month of April based on Tibetan Lunar Calendar in throughout Tibet. Everyone is seen immersed in reciting the prayers and playing the holy beads to appease the gods during this spiritual festival. Every Tibetan people are conscious of their deeds for good action as it is believed merits of good and evil deeds are multiplied when performed during that specific period. Saga Dawa festival is celebrated to glorify the day when Sakyamuni (Lord Buddha) attained Nirvana and enlightenment as per Buddhist literary sources.

The exercise of replacing the “Tarboche” Flagpole, the famous huge pole of many small prayers flags is the most important and interesting event of this festival. Every year, huge mass of Tibetans people gather around with small prayers flag to contribute huge single flagpole, the old is brought down and a new flagpole is erected in the place. It is really fascinating culture you must not miss to witness at if you are in Tibet during Saga Dawa Festival. The whole event is ritually is presided by a Lama (a Buddhist teacher) of nearby Monastery.

The Saga Dawa Festival is merely the celebration which unites people together despite of their difference in class, religion, caste, ethnicity, nationality, race, age and gender. The upright position of the flagpole encompasses fortunate and if not erected straight is believed to bring bad luck to Tibet.

Attending this unique festival of Tibet can be the best way to learn the Tibetan cultural values and assumptions. Everyone will be delighted coming to Tibet during Saga Dawa Festival. So, please come to join us in the trip to celebrate the unity in diversity at Tibet. The travel Company Monterosa treks and expedition always welcomes you.

Saga Dawa Festivals

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